2023 Updates to USSG Guidelines: Expanded Compassionate Release and Safety Valve Provisions

Recent Amendments to the USSG Guidelines The United States Sentencing Commission (USSG) has implemented pivotal changes to its Federal Sentencing Guidelines, effective November 1, 2023. These amendments reflect a commitment to the principles of the First Step Act, aiming to make sentencing fairer and more responsive to individual circumstances. Among the notable revisions are the… Read More

What are Post-Conviction Appeals?

In general, the word “conviction” means that, after trial, the jury has returned a verdict of “guilty” on at least one criminal charge. Post-Conviction Appeals Very broadly, the legal phrase “post-conviction appeal” means any effort that occurs after conviction by a jury of one or more criminal charges that seeks to overturn, nullify, or modify… Read More

Can a Parole Board Decision be Appealed?

Parole plays a role in the lives of many convicted individuals. The purpose of parole is to help a previously incarcerated person resume life in society under the guidance of a parole officer. Two of these elements include helping a person with housing and employment-related issues. Additionally, parole serves the purpose of protecting society from… Read More

What is Appellate Jurisdiction?

Breaking Down Appellate Jurisdiction Appellate jurisdiction refers to the ability of an appeals court to review and make decisions on cases heard by trial courts as well as other types of “lower” courts. To navigate appellate court cases, many people find it vital to obtain the assistance of an experienced appellate lawyer. It also helps… Read More

What is a Federal Indictment?

An indictment is a type of formal accusation against one or more defendants that charges the individuals with one or more offenses. In federal courts of law, the prosecution relies on the indictment as the primary method to initiate criminal cases. If you find yourself facing a federal indictment, contact a seasoned defense attorney. It… Read More