Fourth Circuit Affirms Life Sentence

Understanding Life Sentence Convictions In July of 2018, the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit affirmed the conviction of a defendant who was sentenced in 2017 to life imprisonment based on charges of kidnapping and conspiracy to commit kidnapping. The History of the Life Imprisonment Conviction The case arose concerning plans to… Read More

Judge Denies Habeas Corpus Appeal

Understanding The Habeas Corpus Appeal Process A judge recently denied an appeal to vacate a sentence filed by a former federal worker who claimed that three individuals who testified against him in a case only did so because these individuals had been promised to have their jobs returned. After being convicted of several conspiracy related… Read More

The Fourth Amendment and the Exclusionary Rule

PART I The Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution prohibits unreasonable search and seizure of persons and places. Many cases in the pre-trial stage require an attack on evidence seized by the government that is protected under the Fourth Amendment. In an attempt to provide information concerning the Exclusionary Rule and Fourth Amendment questions… Read More