Federal Wire Fraud

Wire fraud is a federal offense punishable by stiff fines and years in prison if convicted. If you are suspected or accused of this crime, you need an experienced federal criminal attorney in your corner to represent your interests and protect your rights. At the Law Firm of Shein & Brandenburg, our attorneys have both the expertise you need and the track record of success you can trust.

What Is Wire Fraud?

“Wire fraud” is a broad term that refers to the use of any interstate wire fraudelectronics communications in an attempt to defraud another of property. This can include use of the telephone (as in telemarketing fraud), email (as in “phishing”), or even radio and television signals. Specific examples of wire fraud might include deliberately misrepresenting the product you are selling via telemarketing, or obtaining personal information under false pretenses for the purpose of stealing money.

No actual transaction needs to be completed in order to accuse or convict you of wire fraud. There only needs to be evidence that you a) intended to defraud; b) embarked on a scheme to defraud; and c) used electronic communication to attempt fraud.

Mounting A Defense Against Wire Fraud Charges

The most important advantage you have when accused of wire fraud is that the government must prove intent in order to convict you. (In other words, you can’t commit wire fraud accidentally.) We can develop an effective defense against these charges by showing good faith on your part (for example, if you acted on an attorney’s advice or attempted to resolve customer dissatisfaction), demonstrating that you had no financial motive, or showing that you made no specific false claims about your product. One of our experienced federal criminal defense attorneys will thoroughly investigate the circumstances surrounding your case, explain your options in detail, and make every effort toward pre-trial resolution. And if your case goes to trial (by your choice or the choice of the courts), we will aggressively defend your interests and your rights throughout the process.