Federal Insurance Fraud

Federal convictions for insurance fraud are serious and the penalties imposed are life-altering. At the Law Firm of Shein & Brandenburg in the Atlanta area, we have in-depth experience in federal insurance fraud cases in Georgia and throughout the United States. We focus on working with our clients to craft effective criminal defenses that work against these serious charges.

Example Insurance Fraud Cases

Our federal insurance defense lawyers represent a wide range of Insurance Fraudhomeowners, renters and auto owners accused of insurance fraud by filing false claims for monetary reimbursement. Example cases include alleged arson combined with insurance fraud charges related to alleged misrepresentations made to insurance companies about a fire. We also handle cases related to allegedly staged accidents and fraud charges related to medical billing.

Monetary Value Affects Sentencing

When we handle insurance fraud cases we use our experience in federal criminal law, including pre- and post-conviction matters, to take a broad perspective. All of these matters are critical because the monetary value of the fraud established at trial or in a plea agreement affects the sentencing phase of the case. Mitigating monetary loss is a key part of our federal fraud case practice.