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State and Federal Criminal Defense Attorneys

Our law office combines the work of our founding attorney, Marcia G. Shein, and associate attorney Elizabeth Brandenburg. Ms. Shein is a nationally-recognized attorney whose articles and personal interviews have been published in numerous state and national law journals. She has been consulting with criminal defense attorneys and representing clients throughout the United States for more than 20 years. She practices in federal courts throughout the United States with a proven record of success. Ms. Brandenburg’s career focuses on diligent representation of clients, especially in criminal law matters in the state courts.

Our attorneys have extensive experience in pursuing Federal appeals cases and primarily focus on critical aspects that make up successful appeals cases.  We understand that during the pre-trial phase swift and strategic action directly increases the chances for a positive outcome. When direct appeals have been exhausted we leverage our knowledge of habeas corpus petitions to uncover evidence that the imprisonment by the state may violate federal law.

Additionally, we have unparalleled expertise in other post-conviction strategies like motions for a new trial which can provide a new opportunity for exoneration or introduce new evidence to the court record for future appeals. We also specialize in 2254 Federal Habeas Corpus Petitions which allow for a person in custody to challenge their conviction in federal court based on a violation of federal constitutional rights.

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Attorney Marcia G. Shein