Federal Drug Conspiracy

Because of its vague nature, the charge of drug conspiracy results in the arrest and conviction of more innocent people than possibly any other drug-related charge. This is why it’s important to have an experienced criminal defense lawyer protecting your interests from the very beginning. The Federal Criminal Law Group has a long and successful track record in defending against drug conspiracy and other criminal charges.

Understanding Drug Conspiracy Charges

In simplest terms, the crime of drug conspiracy refers to two or more shady handshakepeople agreeing together to commit a drug-related crime. What makes this a tricky charge is that unlike other drug-related crimes, law enforcement does not need to have hard evidence (such as drugs in your possession) in order to suspect you of conspiracy. All they need to do is draw a connection between you and a drug crime incident. This means you can be technically accused of drug conspiracy without ever using, possessing, buying or selling illegal drugs. For example, if you lend someone a car that ends up being used in a drug deal, or if you are in a group of people when drugs are discovered within the group, you may be charged with conspiracy even though you were completely innocent and unaware of the presence of drugs.

Mounting A Legal Defense Against Drug Conspiracy

Because proving intent is a key to convicting you of drug conspiracy, it can difficult for the government to prove your guilt—but because of its ambiguity, it can be equally difficult for you to prove your innocence. Our criminal defense attorneys have plenty of experience in dealing with cases like yours, having an intricate understanding of the nuances of the law and the protections to which you are entitled. We will thoroughly investigate the circumstances surrounding your case, provide expert advice as to your rights and options under the law, and defend your case to the fullest extent from the pre-trial phase all the way through post-trial. We know what the courts and the prosecutors can and cannot do in your case, and we will fight for you to make sure your rights under the law are protected.

Many people charged with federal drug conspiracies are concerned with predicting the outcome of their cases. They often wonder about the likelihood of a conviction and the length of a potential sentence. The truth is that, if you are charged with a drug conspiracy, your case can be very serious and complicated. A lot may depend on the drug quantity, the testimony of witnesses and on cooperation with the prosecution.

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