Georgia officer jailed for alleged drug conspiracy involvement

A DeKalb County police officer was arrested on drug conspiracy charges on September 6th in Gwinnett. He is accused of tipping off a drug organization working in the area regarding police operations.

The police officer is facing charges of drug trafficking of methamphetamines. Apparently the Gwinnett County Attorney’s Office also participated in the arrest of this individual.

The charges could mean significant prison time, fines and the loss of his job. In many drug cases property can also be seized by law enforcement officers that was said to be involved in the crime.

Though newspapers often report allegations made in police reports as fact, there is a significant difference between being arrested and actually convicted of a crime. Anyone accused of a crime has a right to have his case heard in court. For prosecuting attorneys to gain a conviction, they must demonstrate that the person accused of the crime was guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

Drug conspiracy cases often deal with a complicated set of facts. Those arrested for conspiracy are often grouped together with other individuals facing the same set of charges. However, alleged co-conspirators are often at the same time trying to cut a deal with prosecutors to shorten their sentence. This can involve testifying against others supposedly involved in the conspiracy as well.

No one should face a criminal conviction based upon unreliable testimony. Criminal defense attorneys can cross-examine witnesses testifying against their clients and make certain that only relevant evidence is allowed into the case.

Source: Lawrenceville Patch, “Police Officer from Lawrenceville Jailed on Drug Conspiracy Charges,” Vanzetta Evans, Sep. 7, 2013