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Who We Are


Located in the Atlanta area, the Law Firm of Shein & Brandenburg, Federal Criminal Law Center, focuses on providing unparalleled legal service related to a wide range of state and federal criminal defense issues.

Through the troubled waters of the criminal justice system, from the inception of a case to post-conviction relief, our Atlanta area criminal defense lawyers offer knowledgeable and experienced legal guidance, including strategic planning, plea agreements, sentencing hearings and appeals. Our focus is not only on obtaining acquittals but also on minimizing sentences in federal criminal cases, which has earned our office a reputation as a leading pretrial, plea and sentence mitigation services firm.

Our Founding Attorney

Attorney Marcia G. Shein began consulting with criminal defense attorneys on federal sentencing issues in 1981. Her work as a federal probation/parole officer and as a private therapist, and her degrees in Counseling Psychology (Master’s) and law (Juris Doctorate) have influenced her goals of providing consultation and representation to defendants and defense Marcia Sheinattorneys in matters of federal pre-conviction and post-conviction relief throughout the country. Ms. Shein has served as an adjunct instructor for legal and psychology courses in the Criminal Justice Programs at Broward Community College and Nova University in Florida, Troy State University in Alabama, and Kaplan University in Chicago.

Ms. Shein is a nationally recognized federal criminal defense lawyer in pretrial matters, as well as in sentencing mitigation and on appeals. Her articles and personal interviews have been published in numerous state and national law journals. She has testified before the United States Sentencing Commission and has spoken before state and national bar conventions, civic groups, and on television.

Ms. Shein is the author of The Sentencing Defense Manual published by West Group (formerly by Clark, Boardman, Callaghan, Ltd.) from 1988 to 1998. Her book served as the criminal defense attorney’s guide to effective sentencing advocacy and sentencing resources. It was awarded the Best Legal and Accounting Text for 1988 by the American Association of Publishers. She is also the author of the sentencing chapter, entitled “Cultural Issues in Sentencing,” in the text Cultural Differences in Criminal Defense published by Press Publishing in 2007; an article in The Champion Magazine entitled “Race and Crack Cocaine Offenses: Correcting a Troubling Injustice Post-Booker,” (April 2007); and United States v. Booker: Where Are We Now?, in The Federal Lawyer, May 2005. She has also served as a guest lecturer at Georgia State School of Criminal Justice.

An Emphasis on Communication

Communication with our clients and their families is of the greatest importance to our law firm. We try to respond to contacts within 24 to 48 hours. We work hard to provide you with frequent updates and information on your case as things develop.

What You Can Expect

Commitment.  We provide the personalization and experience you need to win your case.  Regardless of the case, we work tirelessly to ensure we obtain every relevant fact that is pertinent in order to win. Learn more from our client testimonials!

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