SCOTUS Says “Community Caretaking Function” Not an Exception to Fourth Amendment Warrant Requirement

In 1973, the US Supreme decided a case called Cady v. Dombrowski, 413 US 433 (Supreme Court 1973). In Cady, an off-duty Chicago policeman, Chester J. Dombrowski, was arrested by local Wisconsin police on a charge of drunk driving following a one-car accident in which Dombrowski injured himself and damaged his rented 1967 Thunderbird. The… Read More

The Exclusionary Rule Exceptions

Pre-Sentence Report The exclusionary rule states that illegally-obtained evidence and statements obtained through an illegal interrogation, in violation of the Fourth, Fifth, or Sixth Amendment of the United States Constitution, are inadmissible at the criminal trial of a person whose rights were violated. In basic terms, the illegally obtained evidence cannot be used against the… Read More

What Does “Remand for Further Proceedings” Mean?

When appellate courts resolve post-conviction appeals, if the appeal is successful, the appellate court will complete their ruling by ordering that the case be “remanded for further proceedings.” Sometimes a phrase is added requiring that the further proceedings be “consistent with this opinion.” So, what does “remand for further proceedings” mean? “Remand” is a judicial… Read More

“Spread Eagle Order” Case is Proof That Criminal Defendants Should Never Stop Fighting for Their Rights

If you are arrested and charged with a crime, the criminal defense and post-conviction appeal team, here at the Federal Criminal Law Center, insists on the rule that the criminally accused should NEVER EVER stop fighting for their constitutional rights. Why? First, if your rights are vindicated, you retain your freedom and clean record. Second,… Read More

Why Legal Definitions Matter: Van Buren Narrows Definition of Computer Fraud Crime

When enacted by Congress back in the 1980s, the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (“CFAA”) was intended to prevent hacking of government computers, computer fraud and other forms of cybercrime. Around that time, there was a popular Hollywood movie released called War Games. In the movie, cyber hackers gained access to government computers that controlled… Read More