Judicial building building where criminal appeals are held.

Reasons to Appeal a Criminal Case

Receiving a criminal conviction is not always the end of the road. While it might seem like it is, a criminal conviction often begins the process of deciding how to create a successful appeal, which involves questioning a court’s legal basis for making a decision. There are a number of ways in which an appeal can… Read More

Successful Death Penalty Appeals

According to a study of every person who received a death sentence since 1973, the most likely outcome for individuals facing this sentence is avoiding execution, often by having the death sentence overturned. More specifically, from 1973 to 2013, 8,466 death sentences were made by the United States Courts. Only 1,359 individuals were executed. 3,194… Read More

Post-conviction attorney working with a client.

How to Choose a Post-Conviction Attorney

Facing a federal conviction can be frightening. As a result, you should seek out the best attorney possible. Finding a post-conviction attorney who can help you navigate this situation, however, is not without its challenges. What to Look For in a Post-Conviction Attorney There are a number of attorneys who offer this service, and it… Read More

Judge Denies Habeas Corpus Appeal

Understanding The Habeas Corpus Appeal Process A judge recently denied an appeal to vacate a sentence filed by a former federal worker who claimed that three individuals who testified against him in a case only did so because these individuals had been promised to have their jobs returned. After being convicted of several conspiracy related… Read More

What can be Reviewed in a Federal Criminal Appeal?

The Scope of Federal Criminal Appeals The United States Supreme Court recently declined to hear the appeal of a former militia leader who is convicted of conspiring to kill federal officials. The man’s appeal is just one of 150 petitions that the court rejected recently without explanation. The man, who was convicted of killing the… Read More

What Is A Discretionary Appeal

What Is a Discretionary Appeal?

Discretionary appeals refer to a type of appeal in which an appellate court has the power to determine whether an appeal will be reviewed by the court. These appeals offer appellate courts, which have very busy schedules, an option to decide which issues are heard. As a result of discretionary appeals, appellate courts are able… Read More