Post-conviction attorney working with a client.

How to Choose a Post-Conviction Attorney

Facing a federal conviction can be frightening. As a result, you should seek out the best attorney possible. Finding a post-conviction attorney who can help you navigate this situation, however, is not without its challenges.

What to Look For in a Post-Conviction Attorney

There are a number of attorneys who offer this service, and it is often difficult to determine which lawyer is the best for your situation. Hopefully, this article will help you narrow down the list of potential post-conviction lawyers by reviewing some of the traits that you should look for in a post-conviction attorney.

The Post-Conviction Attorney Should Have Substantial Appeal Experience

It takes years of experience to master the nuances of federal criminal appeals. The best appellate attorneys have substantial experience navigating this process, which means that they know how to review cases for legal errors, research applicable issues, write a compelling appellate brief, and argue convincingly in front of several appellate judges. The more experience that an appellate attorney has, the better.

Post-Conviction Attorneys Should Have a Good Reputation Among Peers

The best appellate attorneys have a strong reputation among their peers.

There are a number of organizations including Martindale Hubbell that rate attorneys, which can help to distinguish the top appellate lawyers. The attorney should also have a strong reputation on social media listings.

The Lawyer You Speak to Should Actually Handle Your Appeal

Some firms have potential clients speak with an attorney, who will not actually end up handling their appeal. Instead, the lawyer ends up delegating the appeal to a much less experienced attorney at the firm.

You should make sure that the appeal lawyer you meet will be the same one who will be handling every detail involved with your case.

Another common strategy is for law firms to advertise as “national” law firms when in actuality, the law firm refers cases to other appellate attorneys.

The Attorney Should be Enthusiastic

An appellate attorney should not just go through the motions when helping your case. Instead, it is critical to retain the assistance of an appellate attorney who will be enthusiastic about defending your rights.

There are a number of unpredictable elements to navigating an appeal, which is why having an attorney who is prepared to do whatever it takes can greatly help obtain the best possible results.

Understand What is Not as Important

The best appellate attorneys frequently practice in a number of different jurisdictions. As a result, you should not feel confined to picking an appellate attorney who has only practiced in one court or circuit.

It is also critical to understand that you should avoid going with the most affordable appellate attorney because you might end up with a lawyer who takes on too many cases. As a result, cost should not be the primary factor in choosing an appellate lawyer.

Speak with an Experienced Post-Conviction Attorney

At the Federal Criminal Law Center, we focus on providing the best possible legal representation for people who are navigating the appeal process. We understand how challenging this step can be and remain committed to making sure that your case resolves in the best possible manner. Contact our law office today to schedule a free initial consultation.