Man prepares criminal defense: having weapons on school grounds

A man has recently been arrested in the parking lot of a Georgia high school, and he now faces various charges. The man has been accused of possession of multiple weapons on school grounds, and he has been denied bond. The man will now have to prepare his criminal defense against the serious charge that he faces in Georgia.

According to the arrest report, a school police officer at Kennesaw Mountain High School in Cobb County originally spotted the man because he was smoking a cigarette — which is typically against school policies in most Georgia high schools — and sitting in his car. When the officer began talking to him, he learned that the man did not even attend the high school. The man was apparently from a different state, and he was 21 years old.

The report does not state whether any weapons were visible when the officer approached or if the officer was given permission to search the vehicle; nevertheless, several weapons were allegedly found in the man’s vehicle, and some were in the trunk. The officer claims to have found a pistol, a semi-automatic rifle, a knife and a machete as well as about 400 extra rounds of ammunition for the guns. The man was arrested, and his car was impounded and searched further.

The man has been charged with possession of weapons on school grounds. Police have yet to formulate a motive for why a 21-year-old from a different state would be at the high school, nor do they have a motive pertaining to why the man had so many weapons in his vehicle. It is clear that the man has a difficult road ahead of him as he prepares his criminal defense for the charges that he faces in Georgia.

Source:, Man caught with weapons, ammunition at Cobb school, Alexis Stevens, Nov. 25, 2013