What to Do Once You Are Indicted

Whether your arrest was made by the DEA, FBI, IRS, ATF, SEC, the Secret Service or the U.S. treasury, when you have been indicted by the federal government, there is one action that should take precedence — seeking the help of a highly-qualified federal criminal defense attorney.

Facing an Indictment With Guidance From Your Defense Attorney

At the Atlanta-area Law Firm of Shein & Brandenburg, Federal Criminal Law Center, our founding attorney, Ms. Shein, has been representing federal defendants throughout the United States for more than 20 years. She is highly regarded in the legal system and is a frequent author, lecturer and professor on criminal defense topics.

  • Cooperation. One of the first and potentially most critical decisions you will have to make is whether or not to cooperate with the government. Government officials often tell you that it will be better for you to cooperate with them, but this is not necessarily true. Working with a highly qualified and experienced federal indictment attorney will protect your interests before or after a federal indictment so that you get the benefit of any bargain you strike with the federal government.
  • Making bond. After you are indicted, you will have to attend a bond hearing. The law places the burden on you to prove that you are not a risk of flight or a danger to the community. Having a lawyer to effectively advocate for you at this stage is highly beneficial.
  • Addressing search warrant issues in court. Your attorney may help you attack a search warrant that was improperly based on wiretap or other improper police guidance that resulted in the seizure of evidence. This includes illegal traffic stops and residential property and computer searches. Successfully doing this can suppress evidence like firearms, drugs, and money that may have a negative effect on your case.
  • Attacking the federal indictment. Attacking a federal indictment is not as simple as it used to be, but working with an experienced attorney may help keep it an option.

What to Do After a Federal Indictment? Contact Us.

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