Why Legal Definitions Matter: Van Buren Narrows Definition of Computer Fraud Crime

When enacted by Congress back in the 1980s, the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (“CFAA”) was intended to prevent hacking of government computers, computer fraud and other forms of cybercrime. Around that time, there was a popular Hollywood movie released called War Games. In the movie, cyber hackers gained access to government computers that controlled… Read More

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Massive Cyber Crime Charges Announced

Two Russian Federal Security Service officers and two criminal hackers were recently charged by the Northern District of California in connection with one of the largest cyber intrusions in history. The indictments were recently announced and allege that between April 2014 and December 2016, the officers directed a cyber intrusion conspiracy that involved malicious files… Read More

Cybercrime Reaches Far and Wide

With the vast developments in technology, “cybercrime” now covers a large array of acts involving computers, smartphones, and other devices. As convenient as it is to have access to so much new new technology, our legal system is struggling to respond to and define “cybercrime.” This can cause problems when prosecutors attempt to argue that… Read More

Marcia Shein’s Cyber Crimes Article Published in The Champion

Attorney Marcia Shein was published this month in The Champion, the premier publication for the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.  Titled “Cyber Crime and The Fourth Amendment,” this article shows her expertise in cyber crimes and covers the ins and outs of the 4th Amendment in the electronic age. From inevitable discovery in electronic searches to third-party… Read More

What Is an Internet Crime?

With the digital age comes a whole new realm of possibilities—including many new ways to break the law. Internet crime is a fairly new and rapidly growing type of crime that keeps Internet security technicians very busy in constantly creating new safeguards to prevent it—not to mention legislators passing new laws, and policing agencies attempting… Read More

Cyber crime rising on FBIs priority list

With so much business now conducted online, it is not surprising that illegal internet activities are spreading as well. The Atlanta Business Chronicle reports that internet crime is rising on the FBI’s priority list. An FBI agent told the paper that one of the greatest threats the average person faces involves malware that pilfers bank… Read More