Chances are that if you’re reading this, you or someone you know are in trouble with the United States Government in one way or another. Maybe, like me, this is your first time in trouble with the government. Whatever your particular case may be, I can assure you that the federal law(s) are a complex, sometimes changing and often (very) confusing to the average person. Because of this entangling web of laws, we certainly need an experienced attorney who not only knows and understands the laws, but also knows our rights and will fight for them and our freedom. Enter: Marcia Shein.

I won’t go into detail about Ms. Shein’s impressive credentials. Rather I want to tell you how, as my attorney, she is committed to me on a personal level. Unlike many attorneys, Ms. Shein actually CARES about her clients and what happens to them. To her, we are not simply “another inmate in prison”, rather we’re people too and we still have rights.

Attorney Shein understands the complexity of the laws to such an extreme degree, that I trust her FULLY as my attorney and to always have my best interests at hand. Ms. Shein and her experienced staff have impressed me so much, that their aggressive, fighting ways inspired me to write this letter of recommendation. (I can assure you that I was NOT paid to write this NOR was I even asked to do so) Honestly, when was the last time you read anything good from a client about his or her attorney?

So, no matter what crime you may be charged with (committed/convicted thereof) I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Marcia Shein and her knowledgeable staff to handle your case. I am confident that she will fight just as hard for you, as she did for me. The only regret I have is not hiring them sooner.

I urge you not to leave your case to chance. You can guarantee that the FBI, DEA, ATF and others will be working HARD to prosecute you – so in return, you need someone who will work just as hard (and harder) to protect you and your rights. In any case, (and possibly yours) those people were Attorney Marcia Shein and her firm.

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