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Probable Cause vs Reasonable Suspicion

Understanding Probable Cause vs Reasonable Suspicion The Fourth Amendment protects us against unreasonable searches and seizures. To determine whether law enforcement has an adequate standard of proof to perform a search or seizure can be a particularly complicated question. To protect your rights, not only is it helpful to know how to respond to law… Read More

Searches of Electronic Devices

Travelers in the United States need to be prepared to have digital device like cell phones and laptops searched by United States law enforcement. Statistics compiled by the Customers and Border Protection reveal that border agents are increasing the number of electronic device searches. This data reveals that over the last six months, nearly 15,000 electronic… Read More

The Exception to the Exclusionary Rule

In our last few blog posts, we have discussed with the exclusionary rule and how it does not go far enough to protect the civil rights that are guaranteed to you by the Fourth Amendment. While the exclusionary rule provides an excellent way for criminal defense attorneys, like those at the Federal Criminal Law Center,… Read More