What Does Pre-Trial Release Mean?

Similar to state court judges, federal magistrate judges are responsible for deciding at an initial appearance whether an individual who is charged with a crime will remain in custody or is capable of leaving on a bond. Because pre-trial release requirements can be particularly strict, to navigate these matters, it is often critical to obtain… Read More

Criminal offender being held in a jail cell.

What is the First Offender Program?

Understanding the First Offender Program Following a first arrest, it is common to end up experiencing a number of emotions such as confusion and fear. Because most people think that they will never end up facing criminal charges, it is often bewildering to be charged with a criminal offense for the first time. Continue reading… Read More

What Does Pretrial Mean?

What Does Pretrial Mean?

What Happens During Pretrial? While many people are familiar with the trial process, few people know what exactly occurs during the pre-trial period. In reality, this phase of a criminal case is an extremely important role. In many cases, pre-trials have a significant influence on what ends up happening during the trial. For this reason,… Read More

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Massive Cyber Crime Charges Announced

Two Russian Federal Security Service officers and two criminal hackers were recently charged by the Northern District of California in connection with one of the largest cyber intrusions in history. The indictments were recently announced and allege that between April 2014 and December 2016, the officers directed a cyber intrusion conspiracy that involved malicious files… Read More

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Chiropractor Convicted of Federal Tax Fraud

A chiropractor was recently convicted of federal tax fraud after failing to report accurate earnings from his practice for the years from 2005 to 2013. For nearly 20 years, the individual provided chiropractic services to clients and received payments primarily from health insurance companies and law firms. The individual filed false federal income tax returns from… Read More