What is Wire Fraud?

What is Wire Fraud?

Wire Fraud Charges in Criminal Law Federal prosecutors often pursue wire fraud charges when they lack sufficient evidence on which to base another charge. Other times, the offense is charged as a way to make a person face federal charges for a crime that would otherwise be pursued in a state court. The offense can… Read More

Understanding Pretrial Motions

In a large number of federal criminal cases, the defendant either makes a plea agreement or proceeds to trial. In some cases, however, a criminal defense attorney can help to have charges removed before trial through the use of a motion to dismiss. As a result, the pretrial motion is a particularly helpful tool for… Read More

Federal Theft Laws

Theft refers to taking the property of another person without authorization. While most times, people who are charged with theft are convicted at the state level, theft charges are sometimes initiated against someone on the federal level. If you find yourself charged with theft, it is critical to obtain the assistance of a federal crimes… Read More

Federal Wire Fraud Penalties

A federal wire fraud conviction can result in large fines and an extended prison sentence. In a case where you are charged with federal wire fraud, a federal criminal defense attorney can help create a strong response to these charges and increase the chances that a person will face the least severe penalties possible. Understanding What… Read More