Man secretly placing large stack of $100 bills in his suit pocket.

Understanding Embezzlement Charges

What is Embezzlement? Embezzlement is a crime of trust in which any individual who has lawful access to any type of property or assets uses said access as a means of stealing, misappropriating, or transferring ownership. Charges of embezzlement typically occur when someone who is entrusted to provide expert financial services, such as an accountant, uses… Read More

Understanding the Defense of Coercion

The United States Supreme Court recently refused to hear a man’s challenge to a 2005 murder conviction, which he claimed was the result of coercion. This complicated case is documented in the Netflix series, “Making a Murderer.” A lower court of appeals upheld the man’s convictions for murder, sexual assault, and mutilation of a corpse…. Read More

Understanding Pretrial Motions

In a large number of federal criminal cases, the defendant either makes a plea agreement or proceeds to trial. In some cases, however, a criminal defense attorney can help to have charges removed before trial through the use of a motion to dismiss. As a result, the pretrial motion is a particularly helpful tool for… Read More