Child Pornography Attorney

Courts in the state of Georgia take crimes against children pornography very seriously. For people who are charged with child pornography acts, there is a complicated body of law that can result in strict penalties. As a result, if you are charged with child pornography in Georgia, it is a wise idea to immediately obtain… Read More

Rule 35 Motions

Recently, a year-long investigation resulted in 32 people being arrested in Marshall County, West Virginia. The nearly three dozen people arrested have since pleaded guilty to abusing and selling Buprenorphine and Suboxone. The legal counsel for many of these individuals has chosen to file Rule 35 motions to respond to these cases. Rule 35 of… Read More

What is a Contingency Fee?

Many people have heard about contingency fees, but are not exactly sure what these fees include. In short, contingency fees mean that a person is not required to pay expenses up front. Instead, the person’s attorney receives a percentage of compensation when the case is resolved. If a person does not win the case, the… Read More

Bank Robbery case with article topic

Arrest Made in Federal Bank Robbery Case

The Knox County Sheriff’s Office recently announced that a suspect accused of robbing the U.S. Bank in Knoxville was arrested in a joint operation coordinated by Knoxville Police Department and the FBI. A federal bank robbery warrant was issued for the individual’s arrest after he was identified as a suspect. The individual was charged with… Read More

A court house for pre-trials

Successful Decatur Pretrial Detention Release can Set the Tone for the Rest of the Federal Case

In June of 2016, lawyers prepared for a trial for several men charged in the fatal 2014 shooting at Macon’s Wings Cafe, according to The Telegraph. The lawyers hashed through pretrial issues during the hearing at the Bibb County courthouse. The crime in question, according to authorities, involved members of the Blacc Team and Gangster Disciples… Read More