Attorney and client during pretrial hearing

How to Prepare for Your Pretrial Hearing

A pretrial hearing refers to a meeting between parties in a case that occurs before a trial. In criminal cases, these parties are often the prosecution, the person being charged with the criminal offense, that individual’s lawyer, and a judge.  During a criminal trial, a pretrial hearing helps to resolve a number of obstacles including… Read More

Federal Wire Fraud Penalties

A federal wire fraud conviction can result in large fines and an extended prison sentence. In a case where you are charged with federal wire fraud, a federal criminal defense attorney can help create a strong response to these charges and increase the chances that a person will face the least severe penalties possible. Understanding What… Read More

What Is Kate's Law

What is Kate’s Law?

Kate’s Law (also known as the Establishing Mandatory Minimums for Illegal Reentry Act of 2015) was named after Kate Steinle, a young woman who was murdered in San Francisco by a man who had previously been deported from the United States but had returned multiple times. There has been much talk about Kate’s Law, but… Read More

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Large Gang Faces RICO Charges

25 people that have been accused of being members of a borderlands gang have been indicted by a Houston grand jury in a massive drug conspiracy involving racketeering, robbery, money laundering, and a death due to a shooting. Officials have stated that the gang has a national reach that formed in the early 1980s and… Read More

Can I Petition My Case for Parole?

After a prisoner has spent even a short amount of time in jail, he or she may begin to wonder whether his or her release can happen sooner than expected. In these instances, many imagine petitioning for parole, going before a committee and pleading for their release. However, this option is not available to all… Read More