What Charges Are AstraZeneca Facing?

Pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca is no stranger to the courtroom, having dealt with numerous lawsuits over the years over issues ranging from drug side effects to unethical marketing practices. At this time, AstraZeneca is facing new charges in the state of Texas in a lawsuit over its marketing of Seroquel, a powerful antipsychotic drug. The suit… Read More

What Are The Consequences For Breaking Parole or Probation?

Parole and probation are two different things, but they are similar in that they involve monitoring your activities and following certain rules established by the court as an alternative to incarceration (or a return to incarceration). The consequences for breaking parole or probation may differ greatly according to state and the specific circumstances, ranging from… Read More

How Does Brown v. Board of Education Affect My Child’s Schooling?

Brown v. Board of Education was a landmark Supreme Court case in which the Court unanimously determined in 1954 that the segregation of public schools was inherently unequal, and therefore unconstitutional. The rationale was that allowing segregation of the races in public education would automatically translate to African-Americans not having access to the same educational… Read More