Criminal offender being held in a jail cell.

What is the First Offender Program?

Understanding the First Offender Program Following a first arrest, it is common to end up experiencing a number of emotions such as confusion and fear. Because most people think that they will never end up facing criminal charges, it is often bewildering to be charged with a criminal offense for the first time. Continue reading… Read More

Exterior of a federal court house

What are the Federal Sentencing Guidelines?

Understanding the Federal Sentencing Guidelines Established in 1984, the Sentencing Reform Act created the United States Federal Sentencing Guidelines. Before this time, federal judges had much more discretion regarding how to sentence people convicted of criminal offenses. Unfortunately, this discretion sometimes led to unequal sentences for the same criminal offense. The sentencing guidelines, however, helped… Read More

Post-Conviction Options You Should Consider

Options After Post-Conviction There are a number of possible options for a criminal defendant post-conviction, and an experienced criminal defense lawyer can help make sense of them all. While being convicted of a criminal offense can create some substantial obstacles in a person’s life, there are some ways to greatly decrease the resulting impact. The… Read More

What Is A Pre Sentence Report

What is a Pre-Sentence Report?

A pre-sentence report is provided to a court before the sentencing of someone who has offended criminal rights. These reports are prepared by probation officers between a person’s conviction and the date that is set for sentencing. The purpose of these reports is to be used by judges in cases involving felonies. The reports are… Read More

A court house for pre-trials

Successful Decatur Pretrial Detention Release can Set the Tone for the Rest of the Federal Case

In June of 2016, lawyers prepared for a trial for several men charged in the fatal 2014 shooting at Macon’s Wings Cafe, according to The Telegraph. The lawyers hashed through pretrial issues during the hearing at the Bibb County courthouse. The crime in question, according to authorities, involved members of the Blacc Team and Gangster Disciples… Read More