Attorney and client during pretrial hearing

How to Prepare for Your Pretrial Hearing

A pretrial hearing refers to a meeting between parties in a case that occurs before a trial. In criminal cases, these parties are often the prosecution, the person being charged with the criminal offense, that individual’s lawyer, and a judge.  During a criminal trial, a pretrial hearing helps to resolve a number of obstacles including… Read More

What Does Pre-Trial Release Mean?

Similar to state court judges, federal magistrate judges are responsible for deciding at an initial appearance whether an individual who is charged with a crime will remain in custody or is capable of leaving on a bond. Because pre-trial release requirements can be particularly strict, to navigate these matters, it is often critical to obtain… Read More

What Does Pretrial Mean?

What Does Pretrial Mean?

What Happens During Pretrial? While many people are familiar with the trial process, few people know what exactly occurs during the pre-trial period. In reality, this phase of a criminal case is an extremely important role. In many cases, pre-trials have a significant influence on what ends up happening during the trial. For this reason,… Read More

Georgia Criminal Law News April 2017

April 2017. Superior Court, Forsyth County. Mr. Gilreath was sentenced to life in prison for murder. This case was won on appeal related to the court not allowing a witness to testify to all the information that was available… Read More

A court house for pre-trials

Successful Decatur Pretrial Detention Release can Set the Tone for the Rest of the Federal Case

In June of 2016, lawyers prepared for a trial for several men charged in the fatal 2014 shooting at Macon’s Wings Cafe, according to The Telegraph. The lawyers hashed through pretrial issues during the hearing at the Bibb County courthouse. The crime in question, according to authorities, involved members of the Blacc Team and Gangster Disciples… Read More