Federal court building (US Supreme Court)

How Cases Get to a Federal Court

There are two types of court systems — federal and state. Each of these court systems is tasked with hearing different types of cases. While state courts are primarily responsible for interpreting state law, federal courts have the responsibility of hearing a number of different types of cases. Because many people have questions about how… Read More

Exterior of a federal court house

What are the Federal Sentencing Guidelines?

Understanding the Federal Sentencing Guidelines Established in 1984, the Sentencing Reform Act created the United States Federal Sentencing Guidelines. Before this time, federal judges had much more discretion regarding how to sentence people convicted of criminal offenses. Unfortunately, this discretion sometimes led to unequal sentences for the same criminal offense. The sentencing guidelines, however, helped… Read More

Rule 35 Motions

Recently, a year-long investigation resulted in 32 people being arrested in Marshall County, West Virginia. The nearly three dozen people arrested have since pleaded guilty to abusing and selling Buprenorphine and Suboxone. The legal counsel for many of these individuals has chosen to file Rule 35 motions to respond to these cases. Rule 35 of… Read More

What Is A Pre Sentence Report

What is a Pre-Sentence Report?

A pre-sentence report is provided to a court before the sentencing of someone who has offended criminal rights. These reports are prepared by probation officers between a person’s conviction and the date that is set for sentencing. The purpose of these reports is to be used by judges in cases involving felonies. The reports are… Read More