What the Best Federal Lawyers Have in Common

Commonalities of Successful Federal Lawyers

There are a number of traits that the best federal lawyers share, including intelligence, excellent people skills, experience, and the ability to effectively communicate in writing. There are a number of other skills that are common among federal lawyers, however, that many people fail to consider when choosing a lawyer to help with their cases. The following will take a close look at some of the common traits that make a federal lawyer stand out in his or her field.

Active Listeners

All good lawyers have the ability to effectively communicate with others. One of the cornerstones of being able to effectively communicate, however, is being an active listener. This means that a good federal lawyer will listen to your concerns as well as the arguments presented by the opposing side.


One of the most common traits among good federal lawyers is that they are assertive in expressing their opinions and making sure that their points are heard. This does not mean, however, that good federal lawyer are overly aggressive. Lawyers who are too aggressive risk treating others with disrespect, which can ultimately end up damaging important relationships.


The best federal lawyers have the ability to understand their clients’ problem and remain compassionate. This means that your lawyer will be accepting about the federal crime with which you are charged and remain dedicated to fighting for the results you deserve. If a lawyer is not compassionate about your case, then he or she will not be able to fully appreciate the challenges you face.

Creative Problem Solvers

It might be surprising to learn, but many of the best federal criminal defense lawyers are able to find unique and creative ways to solve their clients’ problems. These attorneys understand that no two cases are exactly the same, and they create solutions that take the unique problems of the client into consideration.


Many of the best federal lawyers display a commitment to obtaining the results that clients deserve. This means that these lawyers are prepared to keep working and creating solutions to solve the various obstacles that can arise. These lawyers, however, are prepared to negotiate if that is the best possible result that a client is likely to receive.

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