Post-Conviction Options You Should Consider

Options After Post-Conviction

There are a number of possible options for a criminal defendant post-conviction, and an experienced criminal defense lawyer can help make sense of them all. While being convicted of a criminal offense can create some substantial obstacles in a person’s life, there are some ways to greatly decrease the resulting impact. The following will review some of the important steps that a person can take to decrease the severity of the repercussions of a criminal conviction.


If an error was made in the handling of your case and this error affected how your case was resolved, it is possible to appeal the trial court’s decision. An appeal can result in your conviction being overturned or an adjustment being made to your conviction.

Habeas Corpus

A writ of habeas corpus is often one of the last resorts for a person who is unlawfully imprisoned. It is important to remember that habeas corpus is available only in limited circumstances, which is why it is often a wise idea to obtain the assistance of an experienced criminal defense attorney to navigate these matters.


Having a conviction expunged removes it from your criminal record. Consequently, you will be able to report that you have not been convicted of a criminal offense and details about the matter will no longer appear on your basic background checks.

Certificates of Rehabilitation

Even if your conviction is incapable of being expunged, you still might be able to obtain relief through a certificate of rehabilitation, which prevents state licensing agencies from acting adversely against you as a result of the conviction. Based on the original conviction, you might be required to wait several years after serving a sentence before you apply for a certificate of rehabilitation.

Governor’s Pardon

A governor’s pardon neither destroys nor seals your criminal record, but does offer substantial post-conviction relief which can include the restoration of your ability own a firearm or serve on a jury.

Sentence Modifications

In a limited number of circumstances, courts can reduce or modify the requirements related to probation. To achieve these goals, it can be particularly helpful to obtain the assistance of an experienced attorney.

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Federal post-conviction relief is not designed to readdress issues that were raised on appeal. With few exceptions, a person is prohibited from presenting new evidence and is unable to bring witnesses in to testify. Additionally, a petition for federal post-conviction must focus on the specific issues involved and also often must occur within one year of the events specified.

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