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Sex Crimes and Related State & Federal Laws

Understanding Sex Crimes

Being charged with sex crimes can have devastating effects on a person’s life. Not only will a person convicted of these offenses end up facing a long prison sentence, substantial fines, and mandatory placement in the Georgia Sex Offender Registry which is near impossible to be removed from. In many cases these offenses also have a substantial impact on a person’s ability to pursue career and educational goals. Despite the substantial damage that can result from being convicted of a sex crime, some individuals are falsely accused of these offenses.

No matter how your sex crime charge arose, it is often helpful to immediately obtain the assistance of a skilled criminal defense lawyer.

Commonly Charged Sex Crimes in Georgia

Prosecutors in Georgia take sex crimes seriously. Some of the sex offenses in Georgia with which people are most often charged include:

  • Aggravated sodomy. This offense occurs when someone forces another individual to perform anal or oral sex against their will. In Georgia, a conviction of aggravated sodomy can lead to a person facing a maximum of 20 years in prison.
  • Indecent exposure. In Georgia, indecent exposure is found to occur when a person either exposes themselves in public or performs any act associated with sexual intercourse in public.
  • Lewd conduct. Lewd conduct occurs when someone inappropriately touches another person’s sexual areas, which might include the breasts, buttocks, or genitals for the purpose of annoyance, arousal, gratification, or to be offensive.
  • Prostitution. A person in Georgia is found to have committed prostitution when a person agrees to perform or performs sexual intercourse in exchange for money.
  • Rape. In Georgia, a person can be convicted of rape if they use fear, force, or violence to sexually penetrate another person. This offense is prosecuted very seriously in the state of Georgia and can result in a penalty of life in prison.

Sex Offenses Involving Minors

Sexual offenses in Georgia involving minors can result in some particularly serious penalties. Some of the most serious of these offenses include:

  • Child molestation. This offense occurs when a person performs a sexual act in front of a child with the purpose of arousing either the individual or the child.
  • Sexual exploitation of children. A person can be charged with this offense if they coerce or entice a minor to engage in sexual acts for the purpose of creating photographs, films, or any other type of recorded media.
  • Sexual battery. A person who touches another individual against their will for the purpose of becoming sexually aroused can end up facing charges of sexual battery.

In Georgia, any conviction of a sexual offense against a minor will result in a person’s required listing in the Georgia Sex Offender Registry.

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