How to Find a Federal Drug Attorney in Georgia

If you are charged with a federal drug crime, it is not uncommon to feel overwhelmed about how to proceed. One of the best steps is to obtain the assistance of the best federal drug lawyer that you can find. While it is critical that this attorney has an innate understanding of the many federal laws that apply to drug charges, there are also other important characteristics that a federal drug attorney should have. Here are several areas to consider when choosing the appropriate representation for a federal drug charge. 

A Strong Track Record

The attorney should have a strong track record of successfully helping people to defend against federal drug crime charges. Though not every success results in a person avoiding prison time, it is important to understand previous outcomes and sentences. While an attorneys prior successes help indicate skill level, prior achievements should be considered individual as they vary from case to case. 


A strong federal criminal defense attorney must have integrity. This means that the attorney should make reasonable promises about the services he or she can provide as well as the outcome of various obstacles in a case. An attorney should also provide a realistic understanding of the case, which often means that the attorney will note potential weaknesses in a case and shortcomings that might pose a challenge to creating a strong legal strategy.

Focuses Significantly on Federal Drug Cases

It is important that the representation chosen to defend your drug case has significant experience handling cases that are similar to yours. While some attorneys market themselves as offering defense for all federal crimes, the best legal counsel will have significant experience with federal drug cases.

Payment System

Many federal lawyers offer clients a complimentary initial case evaluation so the attorneys can provide an idea about how much the charges associated with the defense will cost. It is critical to not simply select the least expensive lawyer. Many times, the best federal drug crimes attorney will offer expensive services at the price that a person will be able to later avoid later fines and other substantial costs associated with the defense.

The Attorney’s Caseload

Most quality federal criminal defense attorneys have busy schedules. If a lawyer is too busy to devote an adequate amount of time to a client, that person will likely not receive the strongest legal representation possible. While it is often a good sign if a lawyer has several ongoing clients, it is often not wise to select an attorney who is too busy to be as helpful as possible.

Contact a Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer

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