Signs Get Charges Reduced

Three Signs You Might be Able to Get Your Charges Reduced

Law enforcement in the state of Georgia frequently leads individuals to believe that every type of criminal violation is the same in how it impacts a person’s future, but this is rarely true. Crimes are classified as either felonies or misdemeanors, with felonies frequently resulting in more than one year in prison. Misdemeanors, however, often only involve jail time up to one year. While both felonies and misdemeanors present obstacles to defendants, it always a better idea to be convicted of a misdemeanor because this sentence will result in fewer obstacles including lower fines, shorter jail time, and not as many occupational bars. To make sure that your charges are reduced, retain the assistance of a skilled attorney and understand some of the signs that your charges can likely be reduced.

Errors are Contained in the Charges

In some cases, mistakes occur during the arrest or subsequent investigation that can result in a crime being viewed as a felony by prosecution when it really is a misdemeanor. A skilled attorney can often examine a case to make a determination about whether errors exist that will result in the reduction of a charge.

Good Behavior Can Resulted in a Reduced Sentence

If a person was never sentenced to prison for a felony but was convicted, the individuals might be sentenced to a long period of probation. Individuals can benefit by correcting their lifestyle and displaying good behavior by avoiding future trouble with the law. In these cases, skilled legal counsel might be able to convince the court to withhold an adjudication of guilt on a felony, which means that a person’s criminal record can remain sealed provided that he or she does not have any prior criminal convictions and has never had a record sealed previously.

If a Plea Bargain Can be Obtained

With the assistance of a skilled criminal defense attorney, a person might be able to obtain a plea agreement that reduces the severity of charges. These arrangements allow individuals to negotiate with prosecution so that a person accepts accountability for charges provided that they are lessened to misdemeanors. Plea bargains are attractive to prosecution because these charges decrease the amount of time involved in a case and guarantee a conviction. As a result, if a plea bargain can be obtained, a person can almost certainly reduce charges.

Obtain the Assistance of a Seasoned Criminal Defense Attorney

There are substantial benefits to having a charge reduced including that a person can avoid the stigma of being a convicted felon and can often have their record expunged or sealed. Getting your charges reduced can prove to be particularly challenging, which can make the assistance of a skilled criminal defense attorney essential. By contacting the attorneys at the Federal Criminal Defense Law Center, you can create a strong legal defense to increase the chances that your case will reach the best potential outcome.