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FBI Seeks Person Interest in Atlanta Credit Card Theft Ring

According to WXIA, in March 2017, The FBI release new information on a massive credit card fraud ring happening in Georgia for months. The alleged credit card thieves have stolen cards mainly in the Cobb and Gwinnet counties. They have used the credit cards to buy thousands of dollars in gift cards from a variety of restaurants and merchants.

WXIA obtained footage of one of the alleged thieves at a store trying to use a credit card to buy about 12 gift cards at one time. The merchant became suspicious and told the woman she would have to buy the gift cards with cash. The woman allegedly left without buying the gift cards.

The FBI could not confirm if the woman was trying to buy the gift cards with a stolen credit card. However, FBI agents do want to talk to the woman. It is not clear if the woman is the same one previous caught on camera making the purchase with a stolen credit card.

Authorities believe the group is using stolen credit cards to buy a few gift cards at a time to avoid getting caught. Their strategy may be working. It has allegedly allowed them to amass thousands of dollars. It may also be federal felony grand theft.

Federal Credit Card Fraud in Decatur

Federal credit card fraud, also called access device fraud, is the illegal act of knowingly and intentionally trying to defraud while using a credit card or access device. The person also has to affect interstate commerce. It is a crime to:

  • Use or traffic access devices or credit cards
  • Obtain anything of value totaling $1,000 or more within a year using a counterfeit or real credit card
  • Possessing 15 or more credit cards at one time that belong to other people

Penalty for Federal Credit Card Fraud in Decatur

The penalty for violating the federal credit card fraud statute depends on the type of crime committed. It is 10 years in federal prison and/or $250,000 for committing a crime like using or trafficking credit cards. It is 15 years in prison and/or $250,000 for committing a crime like using, producing, trafficking or possessing hardware or software designed to obtain credit card information without authorization.

Are Defenses Available in Decatur to Fight a Federal Credit Card Fraud Charge?

Yes. Credit card fraud defenses are available. Picking the correct one often depends on circumstances of the case. Many people accused of federal credit card fraud familiarize themselves with common defenses prior to speaking with an attorney.

One common defense to federal credit card fraud is not interrupting interstate commerce. To be found guilty of the crime a person must have committed the act across state lines. Depending on the facts of the case, an attorney may argue no federal laws were broken.

Contact the Law Firm of Shein & Brandenburg to Represent You in Your Federal Credit Card Fraud Case in Decatur

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