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Successful Decatur Pretrial Detention Release can Set the Tone for the Rest of the Federal Case

In June of 2016, lawyers prepared for a trial for several men charged in the fatal 2014 shooting at Macon’s Wings Cafe, according to The Telegraph. The lawyers hashed through pretrial issues during the hearing at the Bibb County courthouse.

The crime in question, according to authorities, involved members of the Blacc Team and Gangster Disciples street gangs who got into an altercation at their gang hangout, resulting in a shootout. Three men were fatally shot. A woman, who survived, was shot four times.

Defense lawyers argued during the pretrial hearing about Facebook postings. The postings may or may not be used at trial. One of the lawyers requested to withdraw from the case for personal reasons involving a new job.

Another motion heard at the pretrial hearing included whether defendants’ statements given to police could be used at their trials.

One defendant accepted a plea deal. He agreed to testify against the remaining defendants as part of his deal. A couple of the defendants also face additional federal racketeering charges.

The outcome of the case is not known. It is also not known what happened at the defendants’ federal pretrial detention hearing.

What is a Federal Pretrial Conference in Decatur?

A federal pretrial conference is a court hearing to settle case issues before going to trial. The purpose of the pretrial hearing is to:

  • Keep the case moving smoothly  
  • Discourage any wasteful pretrial activities
  • Facilitate a settlement to a case. A settlement in a criminal case may vary from a dropped charges or a plea deal.

Is a Pretrial Hearing and Pretrial Detention Hearing the Same Thing?

No. A pretrial hearing generally occurs after a pretrial detention hearing. A federal pretrial detention hearing is an appearance in front of a judge. During the pretrial hearing, a judge will decide if a person charged with a federal crime will be:

  • Released on personal recognizance
  • Temporarily detained to permit revocation of conditions or deportation
  • Released on one or more conditions of release. Conditions of release involve a person being released from jail based on an agreement to do or refrain from doing certain things. One example of conditions of release is not fleeing the country while on trial.

A Decatur Federal Criminal Defense Attorney is Vital in a Pretrial Detention Hearing

A pretrial detention hearing is about getting a person released from jail while on trial. It is also about setting the tone for the federal criminal case. For instance, a successful pretrial detention release allows a person to better defend him or herself. An individual in custody generally has a difficult time regularly communicating with an attorney and reviewing information in a case. This is due to lack of access to regular email, telephone, and computers.

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You or your loved one has just been arrested for a federal crime. You have to act immediately. One of the first hearings in federal court involves getting out of jail. Do not leave this important hearing to chance. Contact the Law Firm of Shein & Brandenburg for immediate assistance.