Atlanta Man Faces Federal Drug Trafficking Charges

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, an Atlanta man was wanted as of March of 2017 for federal drug trafficking. The 39-year-old man was one of five people wanted in the Chatham and Savannah Counties charged after a year-long FBI investigation. The man is accused of trafficking cocaine. Other people wanted in connection with the drug investigation are wanted on a variety of charges including conspiracy to commit a violation of the Georgia Controlled Substance Act.

Whether the federal government has a strong case against the 39-year-old man or anyone connected with the investigation is unknown. The penalty for a federal drug trafficking conviction varies by case. Circumstances may cause a person to receive less or more time in federal prison. These circumstances often include:

  • Past criminal history
  • The amount of drugs trafficked
  • If the drugs trafficked caused injury or death to another individual
  • The type of drugs trafficked

For cocaine, the drug trafficking penalty is:

  • First conviction for 500 to less than 5000 grams of cocaine is five to 40 years in federal prison and $2 million fine
  • First conviction for five kilograms or more of cocaine is 10 years to life and $4 million fine
  • If serious injury or death happened to an individual receiving the drug, then it is 20 years to life in prison

What is Federal Drug Trafficking in Decatur?

According to federal law, a drug trafficking charge can occur in one of two ways: A person intentionally and knowingly distributes, possesses, manufacturers or a person dispenses a drug with the intent to dispense, distribute or manufacture the drug.

It is also illegal to knowingly and intentionally create, distribute, possess, or dispense a counterfeit drug with the intent to distribute, dispense, or possess it.

The Defenses to Federal Drug Charges in Decatur

The specific defense to a federal drug charge depends on the facts of a person’s case. A criminal defense attorney will look at the facts of the case and what the client tells them. The lawyer will then present the client with the best defense to beat the charge. Common defenses include:

  • No intent to traffic drugs. The person had no intent and did not knowingly traffic drugs.
  • Lack of evidence. Federal prosecutors must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the person trafficked drugs. If they do not have sufficient evidence, this is a strong defense.
  • Illegal search and seizure. The FBI conducted an illegal search of the person’s property.

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