Attorney Marcia Shein Pushes For A New Trial On Scott Davis Case


Above is the video from the CBS46 news update outlining Scott Davis’ case against misconduct within the Atlanta Police force as well as other law enforcement agencies and individuals.

Case Background

Scott Davis was tried and found guilty for the murder of David Coffin, Jr. in 1996.  He was found dead with a gunshot wound to the head as his house was burning down.  Davis became an immediate suspect because he was attacked twice at his own home the same night of the murder.

Attorney Marcia Shein is pushing for a new trial because there seems to be overwhelming proof that evidence was tampered with, hidden and perjured during the initial trial.

Here is the phone call Scott Davis had with Jeff Chirico:


To learn more about this case or to submit any information or leads, you can visit, a website dedicated to bringing justice to Scott Davis.