Georgia teacher accused of federal child pornography offense

Any kind of criminal charge may lead to significant consequences. But, when it comes to allegations of child pornography, a person may face issues that do not necessarily arise with many other types of criminal allegations. The impact on person’s private life can be profound. A criminal record related to a sex offense or child pornography can lead to restrictions on a person’s life long after getting past all of the direct consequences that may flow from a conviction.

Allegations of child pornography offenses are not just matters for state court in Georgia. Federal officials may become involved in these kinds of investigations. Federal prosecutors claim that a former middle school teacher in Barrow County, Georgia, engaged in the unlawful distribution of child pornography.

Law enforcement says that they believe the teacher lived in an apartment in Statesboro, Georgia, back in October 2012. Federal agents believe that the man was distributing unlawful images while living in that apartment. Later, officials believe that the same computer was traced to a residence in Covington, Georgia. Again, officials believe that they can link that computer to the distribution of unlawful images.

Authorities raided the Covington location earlier this year. Federal agents think that the man deleted the majority of the allegedly unlawful materials from that computer. Forensic investigators looked at the equipment and believe that they found evidence linking the computer to child pornography.

The 27-year-old former teacher has been indicted in federal court.

Federal Internet crimes may involve a wide range of allegations. Often, forensic analysis is associated with an Internet-related child pornography investigation. These issues can be complex. A criminal defense lawyer familiar with computer-based crimes may analyze the government’s alleged facts and the procedures used in gathering evidence and present a person accused of an offense with a defense to the charges.

Source: Atlanta Journal-Constitution, “Ex-middle school teacher indicted on child porn charges,” Alexis Stevens, March 24, 2014