Plane owner enroute to Atlanta faces federal drug charges

According to media reports, a 55-year-old man was flying his private plane to Atlanta when authorities boarded the craft during a stop. On board, officials said, were the man’s son, the man’s son-in-law, and 72 pounds of cocaine.

A grand jury recently returned an indictment against the man on federal drug charges of possession and intent to distribute more than five kilograms of cocaine, a U.S. Attorney said in a statement.

The three Colorado men had landed the Beechcraft twin-engine 58P Baron in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, to refuel last October. They were on their way from McAllen, Texas, to Atlanta.

Now the indicted man faces a possible life sentence in prison, if convicted, plus up to $20 million in fines.

According to a newspaper report, charges against the man’s 32-year-old son-in-law were dropped since the trio was originally arrested. Apparently prosecutors decided they could not meet the burden of proof.It’s not entirely clear, the newspaper reported, if a similar dismissal has occurred in the son’s case. According to documents filed in court, he has been granted a conditional release from jail.

But papers filed last month indicate the case against him continues.

According to the indictment, the father flew from Atlanta to McAllen, where he went to meet someone, and allegedly returned to the craft with about 30 “packaged bundles” containing the drug.

McAllen is a border town, across from Reynosa, Mexico.

The father then reboarded, flew to Baton Rouge for refueling, and was arrested, officials say.

In similar situations, a father might be able to help his son face reduced charges or even see his charges dismissed. These sorts of negotiations are best handled with an attorney who not only understands federal law, but has experience assessing evidence and in helping clients do what’s best for them and their loved ones.

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