FBI investigating possible Georgia Tech white collar crimes

An Atlanta TV station is reporting that the FBI is investigating credit card activities at Georgia Tech.

The report says the school’s auditors believe the suspicious credit card purchases of up to $1.5 million could involve white collar crimes, including violations of federal law.

The TV station notes that Georgia Tech is a state school heavily dependent on state funds, but that much of its research is funded by federal grants.

Federal money apparently funds much of the science and engineering activities at the Georgia Tech Research Institute.

There is apparently no official confirmation that the investigation is of misused federal money.

School auditors released an October memo that focused on a trio of school employees and three companies.

Two of the employees are no longer with the school; the third is on leave, though the television report did not specify the reason for the leave.

A neighbor of one of the former employees said he’s friends with the man and has no doubts that his friend did not break the law at the school.

Auditors said in their memo that a number of purchases of more than $4,000 each at a tool company in Alpharetta were “unaccounted for” and “factually questionable.”

However, the owner of the company told the TV reporter that “(t)here’s no scam going on.”

The owner indicated that he had an upcoming meeting with the FBI, but insisted he has not broken any laws.

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Source: WSB-TV, “FBI takes lead on investigation into Georgia Tech credit card purchases,” Dec. 2, 2013