Georgia ranks at No. 9 for states with highest mortgage fraud

White collar crimes are some of the most complex types of criminal behavior. One of the reasons that they can be so intricate is that they can often involve people who would not generally be involved in breaking laws. They are non-violent and motivated by economic gain, which can mislead some folks into thinking that they are less serious than other types of crime.

And a recent report indicates that there be more people in Georgia who get involved in one type of fraudulent activity than we may realize. According to the Investigation and Origination Mortgage Fraud Indices, the state of Georgia ranks at No. 9 for prevalence of mortgage fraud across the U.S.

The fact that people in Georgia get involved in mortgage fraud more than people in most other states is certainly troubling. However, it may indicate that there are factors specific to this state that make is easier to get involved in different types of fraud schemes. Whether that is the case or not may be interesting to learn, but it may not help a person who is facing charges of mortgage fraud.

There are a number of ways a person end up getting involved in criminal conduct involving mortgages. House flipping, loan and payment falsifications, misrepresenting a property or the value of a property and skimming equity are all types of unlawful behaviors for which a person can be seriously punished.

Again, these cases are often complex. They can involve a wide range of people, huge amounts of paperwork and even some activities which a person may not have understood to be illegal. Because of these factors, it may be a good idea for a person facing criminal charges for mortgage fraud to speak with an attorney. There may be ways to challenge evidence and have the charges reduced or dismissed.

Source: Atlanta Business Chronicle, “Report: Ga. among Top 10 states in mortgage fraud, property default,” Carla Caldwell, Sept. 10, 2013