Meth distribution suspects sentenced

Three suspects in an alleged operation to distribute methamphetamine were recently sentenced. All three had faced federal charges of conspiracy to distribute a controlled substance, one of the suspects was also charged with selling a controlled substance.

The three suspects received sentences ranging from 33 months to 10 years in prison. As you are likely aware federal drug charges can result in substantial sentences. It is important for anyone facing federal drug charges to realize that it is possible to fight these charges at trial, or use other strategies to mitigate the consequences.

Depending on the specifics of each individual case, it may be wise to consider a plea agreement that could reduce the risk of receiving a longer sentence at trial. In other cases, fighting the charges in court may be a better option.

Law enforcement officials in this case claim to have seized more than six pounds of methamphetamine. The operation allegedly involved weekly distribution of the drug during 2010 and the beginning of this year. Police claim the drugs were transported from Atlanta to Florida, where they were sold. In total, 15 suspects have been charged in connection with the alleged drug distribution conspiracy.

While the details of the investigation and court proceedings were not reported, often the central issue in drug distribution cases is the admissibility of the potential evidence. Police and prosecutors are required to play by the rules. If potential evidence was obtained as the result of an illegal search or seizure, it can be kept out of the courtroom.

Source: Jackson County Floridian, “Meth Ring,” Lauren Delgado, Nov. 18, 2011