Officer Indicted for Embezzlement Awaits Trial Date

The chief administrative officer of Seed International was indicted today by a grand jury for suspicion of embezzlement of approximately $700,000. Seed International is a non-profit Christian Missionary group funded by a number of Korean churches around the country.

Other officers of Seed International confronted the officer after they noticed that money seemed to be missing from the group accounts. The officer’s allegedly “lavish” life-style was the main cause for suspicion. Bank statements and other financial documents were offered as proof that the officer had not embezzled the church’s funds but had invested them instead. Seed International claims that the documents are not genuine and accused the officer of having written checks from the group’s account in order to transfer money to his personal banking account.

Documents and computers were confiscated in a search of the officer’s Fairfax home and apartment in Annandale. Authorities claim that the allegedly embezzled funds were used to pay the rent for the officer’s second residence. The investigators are unsure as to how long the embezzlement lasted, and they are not able to pinpoint which donations were allegedly embezzled. The investigation of the funds will go as far back as 2008, where the officer was first listed in the company’s annual report.

An indictment listing 17 counts of embezzlement is a serious and frightening charge to face. Waiting to know whether or not you will be found guilty will not be an easy road. Although the officer was indicted in September of 2010, he must wait nearly six months until his trial date in March of 2011 to have his case heard. *Note: The officer’s name was omitted to protect his privacy.

Source: Legal Info, “Officer With Christian Missionary Group Indicted on Embezzlement Counts,” September 14, 2010