FBI Questioning Leads to Charges for Threats to the President

News reports claim that a 29-year-old man walked into the Winn Community Army Hospital at Fort Stewart on September 6 and demanded help for mental issues. The man was allegedly armed with two hand guns, an AR-15, which can fire up to 800 rounds per minute and an MP-5 capable of firing several hundred rounds per minute. There is no information if the person had any ammunition. He is accused of taking three people hostage at the hospital. No one was injured during the nearly 2-hour confrontation before the man surrendered.

It is not uncommon for an investigation of one incident to lead to criminal charges for something else. And that is exactly what happened when the Federal Bureau of Investigation took the man in for questioning. The FBI claims that during the interrogation the man threatened to kill President Obama and former President Clinton. The man now faces criminal charges for kidnapping, assault and for threats to the two Presidents. The man is expected to appear in court on September 15 in Savannah, Georgia.

Penalties for kidnapping and assault can range from 8 years to life. The accused potentially faces up to 5 years for the threat to the President.

Apparently the man worked as a civilian at Fort Stewart. He was previously in the military and apparently was discharged in February. The man was stationed at Fort Benning in 2008 and 2009.

The suspect’s mother says that the incident was a cry for help. She says her son suffers from post traumatic stress disorder resulting from his experience in the Iraq war.

Source: KLTV/WTOC, “Gunman charged with threatening president,” Christy Hutchings, 9 Sep 2010