University of Georgia Changes Policy on Drug Possession, Underage Drinking

University of Georgia students accused of drug possession or underage drinking could be up for lighter sentences following a policy change approval by UGA administrators on Tuesday. Under the new guidelines, school officials at the University will have more flexibility in determining proper punishment for students caught with alcohol or in possession of drugs.

Better For The University

While many have accused the University of loosening its alcohol and drug policy, officials have been quick to point out that the new rules don’t give anyone a free pass. Instead, they are meant to give UGA officials more discretion in determining which cases are more urgent and in need of greater action.

It should also help clean up the pipeline of cases university officials are dealing with, as many are simpler underage drinking infractions. In the end, they hope the changes will result in a much more efficient system for dealing with alcohol and drug-related cases.

Out With The Old Policy

Under the old policy, a first offense resulted in probation, while a second resulted in suspension – regardless of the severity of the offense. So, in theory, a student caught drinking in his or her dorm would face the same penalties as one pulled over for drinking and driving.

The new policy still requires probation for the first offense – six months for underage possession of alcohol and 12 months for underage drinking or drug possession. If students are found to be in violation of their probation, in the case of a second offense, they could still face suspension, but it wouldn’t be mandatory.

Instead, University of Georgia judicial officers would have the option of levying additional probation, community service or alcohol and drug education classes. An exception to this will be second violations involving drunken driving. In such a case, the student will still face automatic suspension.

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