The “War on Drugs” Appears to be a Losing Battle

Last year, roughly 50 percent of those in federal prison were serving time for drug offenses. 37 million non-violent offenders were arrested for crimes like drug possession – about 10 million were brought in for possession of marijuana. How much was spent to arrest and incarcerate these individuals?

The bill for one year was nearly $600 billion.

Another $69 billion was spent fighting drug cartels in their home countries and attempting to secure the United States border. Still, the amount of violence on the border and the amount of drugs being moved into America have only increased.

Drug Education

As for drug education and prevention – the government spent $33 billion telling kids to “Just Say No.” In total, the government spent 17x as much money arresting and prosecuting people as they did educating them about the possible implications of their actions.

Even Gil Kerlikowske, the Director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy, has acknowledged the war on drugs to be more or less a failure. The government’s decision to focus the most time, money and energy on punishment has left the United States without much of a push for addiction treatment and prevention.

Minor Drug Possession Charges

Rather, millions of relatively harmless offenders arrested on minor drug possession charges file through America’s courts. Many will pay a long time for their actions while the government does all it can to make them feel ashamed for their indiscretions.

While Obama recently announced a national policy with greater focus on treatment for drug addiction, he also increased spending on combative measures to record levels. For now, it appears that the so-called “War on Drugs” will remain a war, rather than reconciliation.

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