Georgia’s Plan to Allow Guns in Airports Might Face a Federal Setback

Until recently, gun advocates in Georgia had been unsuccessful in passing a law that would allow guns in state airports. In 2008, they were able to pass a bill allowing firearms on mass transit – as long as the carriers had a valid permit. However, the measure received a setback when Atlanta declared Hatsfield-Jackson Airport a “gun-free zone,” threatening violators with arrest.

Gun advocates complained, claiming the airport counted as public transportation, but the lawsuit was dismissed in federal court. A federal appeals panel upheld the earlier decision.

A New Development

A second measure was introduced with the specific intent of getting guns into airports. It was adopted by a large margin earlier this year, but has yet to be signed into law by the government. If signed, it would allow those with gun permits to carry a firearm into areas of the airport where firearms are not regulated by federal law.

Concerned about the prospect of guns being carried freely in airports, New Jersey Senator Frank Lautenberg recently introduced a bill that would make gun possession illegal in any non-federally regulated area of any airport in the United States.

Such areas include the baggage claim, ticket counter and lobby area.

Georgia’s Role

Georgia lawmakers have painted Lautenberg’s proposal as a black and white case of big government trying to trump state rights, and if the New Jersey senator’s bill is passed into law, then the president should expect a fight from Second Amendment advocates.

Gun rights activists are already planning for a court battle should the legislation go through.

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