Embezzlement Case in Atlanta Suburb Highlights Current Financial Drama

Kimberly Denise Brown, former bookkeeper for Atrium Foliage, was recently charged with eight counts of forgery and fraud – allegedly using forged checks, company credit cards and other methods to steal nearly $100,000. According to Robert and Kathy Lang Albright, owners of Atrium Foliage, the dollar amount Brown embezzled is actually much closer to $850,000.

The business, located about 20 miles north of Atlanta, Georgia, was hit hard by the recession, and Brown’s supposed embezzlement scheme was a second blow to both the company’s’ morale and its bottom line.

Responding to Charges

However, Brown has denied all of the charges against her. She claims, instead, that the company was in financial peril when she started back in 2006. According to Brown’s lawyer, the embezzlement charges are completely false – that his client actually used her own credit cards to help support the company through financial rough patches.

Brown has even claimed that she put out a $100,000 line of credit to help the company out. The money supposed to have been embezzled, rather, was authorized repayment of Brown’s expenditures on behalf of the company.

The Albrights, naturally, dispute these claims in their entirety.

This, then, is the new financial reality. Businesses and investigators are more inclined to pursue purported fraud and embezzlement cases. While not completely unwarranted, it is worth noting that you can often find what you’re looking for – especially if you are determined to see it.

As for those accused of embezzlement, many are faced with the hard decision of pleading guilty – and receiving a lesser sentence – or fighting the charges and risking harsh penalties. The court holds few friendly faces for those accused of crimes like embezzlement these days.

Contact a Talented Criminal Defense Attorney

Being charged with federal embezzlement is a serious matter. If you find yourself in such a situation, having a skilled attorney on your side can make all the difference. Do not hesitate to contact the legal counsel at the Federal Criminal Law Center in Georgia today. By either filling out an online form or calling the firm at 404.633.3797.

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