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Experienced Atlanta Criminal Defense Attorneys

Facing the troubled waters of the criminal justice system is a serious matter that is best done with the help of an experienced attorney. At the Law Firm of Shein & Brandenburg, Federal Criminal Law Center, we help clients navigate through the legal system to less turbulent places — to help them achieve the best possible outcomes.

Providing State and Federal Criminal Defense for More Than 20 Years

We are a federal and state criminal law firm that defends clients throughout the Atlanta area and nationwide. Our Atlanta criminal defense lawyers handle the defense of federal criminal charges throughout the nation, as well as Georgia state crime charges with pre-trial, plea bargaining, trial, appeals, sentencing mitigation and habeas corpus pursuant to 28 USC 2255. Contact us online, or call 404.633.3797 to learn more.

Indicted by the Federal Government: Now What?

When you have been indicted after an investigation by a federal agency, including the IRS, DEA, ATF and SEC, the matter is serious. We can help you create a plan of action designed to achieve the best possible results.

Federal Drug Crimes

At the Law Firm of Shein & Brandenburg, Federal Criminal Law Center, we represent people facing federal drug charges, including those related to alleged drug conspiracy and distribution of narcotics. We also handle related federal charges, including money laundering.

White Collar Crimes

When a business action is alleged to be a white collar crime, our lawyers offer a strong and effective criminal defense that considers your needs. The Law Firm of Shein & Brandenburg, Federal Criminal Law Center represents people accused of a wide range of white collar crimes, including the ones listed below.

Federal Trials

The Law Firm of Shein & Brandenburg, Federal Criminal Law Center, uses over 20 years of experience to help clients charged with federal crimes in Georgia and throughout the United States. We pursue success in each case we accept.

Federal Plea and Sentencing Mitigation

After a conviction, you still have options. We handle federal plea and sentencing mitigation, direct appeals, and motions for a new trial.

Federal Appeals and the U.S. Supreme Court

Things do not always proceed as planned in the trial court. When negative outcomes occur, we can take over. We handle direct appeals from trial, plea, sentencing, and post-conviction relief (habeas corpus petitions/section 2255/2241 motions) Marcia G. Shein is also one of the few lawyers who have successfully overturned a case before the United States Supreme Court.

Georgia State Criminal Defense

Our attorneys represent people charged with serious crimes in the Atlanta area and throughout Georgia state courts. We understand how significantly an arrest can affect your life and the lives of your family members, so we work hard to produce optimum results.

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For assistance with federal criminal charges in any phase of a criminal matter, from investigation to post-conviction relief, contact our Atlanta criminal defense law office online, or by calling 404.633.3797.