Can My Charges Be Reduced?

A common question we receive from clients who are facing criminal charges is, “Can my charges be reduced?” The short answer is yes, it is possible for charges to be reduced or even dropped. However, it bears some further explanation. When criminal charges are brought against you, they are brought by the prosecuting attorney, who… Read More

Why Is My Crime a Federal Offense?

Here in the U.S., most of us live under multiple governmental jurisdictions (local, state and federal), and most crimes are prosecuted in either state or federal court. This can be confusing for the defendant charged with a federal crime. What, exactly, makes your crime a federal offense, rather than a local or state offense? The… Read More

What Are My Plea Options?

“How do you plead?” It’s not just a phrase we hear on popular court television programs. The defendant’s plea to the charges is a pivotal moment in any criminal court case, and can have a profound effect on the outcome. From the moment you are charged, you should be asking an experienced attorney, “What are… Read More

What Is Mortgage Fraud?

In the eyes of the law, mortgage fraud refers broadly to the act of providing false or misleading information on mortgage documents for the purpose of closing real estate transactions that would not go through otherwise. Mortgage loans are complex transactions requiring many qualifications and involving many documents, and often lenders or borrowers attempt to… Read More