Atlanta educators face trial over organized corruption charges

Claims under Georgia’s Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act aren’t usually associated with public school educators. Organized criminals, or mobsters as they might be depicted in Hollywood films, might be the more typical defendants. Although it may be hard to believe, a group of Atlanta elementary school teachers are facing trial under RICO charges. Specifically,… Read More

FedEx defends against federal conspiracy charges

When a company engages in interstate commerce, there’s a possibility that federal law could be implicated, as in today’s story. Specifically, attorneys at the U.S. Department of Justice have brought charges against FedEx for allegedly conspiring with two online pharmacies over a ten-year period to distribute controlled substances. The DOJ attorneys are seeking $820 million… Read More

Agency will retroactively apply new federal drug crime policy

One of the frustrations in preparing a strong criminal defense for federal drug charges can be the intersection between state and federal laws. If the latter are invoked, federal mandatory minimum sentencing guidelines may result in much higher penalties. Some criminal justice advocates have questioned whether those guidelines offer enough flexibility to judges to tailor… Read More

Minus 2 Drug Amendment Retroactive

The Commission voted to make the minus 2 drug amendment retroactive to all persons who have already been sentenced and whose sentence was based upon the drug quantity table (career offenders do not get relief because their sentence was based upon the career offender guideline not the drug quantity table). There are no categorical exclusions… Read More