Federal Appeals Court Overturns Convictions

On December 19, 2016, a federal appeals court overturned the convictions of former Massachusetts Probation Commissioner John O’Brien and two former deputies, Elizabeth Tavares and William Burke. In overturning these convictions, the Court ruled that the prosecutors failed to prove a scheme to favor politically connected job candidates was a federal crime. O’Brien, Tavares, and… Read More

Felony Law: What You Need To Know

The word “felon” is not one that many people want to be associated with. The term not only brings about many legal implications, but also a harsh social stigma. If you are charged with a felony, one possible tactic is to try to reduce your sentence to a misdemeanor. What is a Felony Versus a… Read More

Help! My Previous Attorney Hurt My Case

The law provides a number of complexities and pressures of being faced with criminal prosecution. United States Constitution recognized this and provided for the need of defendants in criminal cases to have counsel to represent them. One element of the 6th amendment is the right to assistance of counsel for a criminal defendant’s defense. Having… Read More